Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Planning a Book Launch Party - Part 1

My debut middle-grade novel, Found Things, is done. Drafting is done, revisions are done, copyediting is done, proofreading is done. The beautiful jacket is done, the interior is designed. The pages are printed and the books are bound. What was once the glimmer of an idea in my mind is now a book I can hold in my hands or on my iPad. And the hands and minds and hearts of so many people went into making this idea a book. Whenever I think of that, it amazes and humbles me again and again.

So now that the book is done, and about to be launched into the world (on July 15), it's time to plan a party. But I've never done this before, and I have so many questions!

  • Where? Bookstore, library, restaurant, hotel, private home...?
  • When? Weekday, weekend, evening, afternoon, morning...?
  • Who? That's easy--everyone :) But, will I ask someone to take photos? Take care of other duties that I'll be too preoccupied to handle? 
  • What? I mean, what do you do at a book launch party? What can I do that will be interesting and fun?
  • How? Do I want refreshments? (I definitely want a cake) Prizes? (yes) Favors? (if they're ready on time) 
At this moment, all I know is Why--to celebrate my book and all the hard work that so many people put into making it come to life. The rest I'll figure out over the next few weeks.

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